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Mug - Meaning of Dream

If you have lost your mug in a dream and couldn’t find it, the dream promises a difficult position from which it will be difficult to get out. The situation is further complicated by the fact that your friends will refuse to help, so you will be left alone with your problems. However, there are advantages of this situation – you will recognize enemies among your friends, and will prevent their evil plans.

If the drink in a mug had a disgusting taste, it tells that you will suffer disappointment because your work will not bring any results. If you drink good wine out of mug and breathe its pleasant aroma, in reality you will be lucky in business, so it is necessary to act and then you will become a rich man.

A broken mug promises inheritance or unexpected gains, but the dreamer should not overspend, it is better to invest in a profitable business and funds won’t be wasted.

Mug is a dual image, and everything depends on whether it was empty or full, so you should remember this detail and then proceed to the interpretation of a dream.

If the content of a mug is poured over the edge, it indicates that you have a good position in society and prosperity, which will soon increase several times.

If there is water in the mug, this dream foretells a wealthy patron, who will help to secure the future and will be a good friend, so you need to treat new friends affably.

If someone passed you by and touched the mug and some drink spilled, this dream promises expression of emotions in public, but it is better to hold back, because some statements can affect the reputation.

A mug with jelly promises a new friend with whom you can have a good time.

In Miller’s interpretation a mug promises profit, which will be very useful, because the dreamer is experiencing financial difficulties at the moment.

Dream interpretation of wanderer portends hiking in the mountains with many friends, which will be remembered for a long time because of pleasant atmosphere in the company.

Aluminum mug portends boredom, but a dreamer should not do anything stupid, or else it will be difficult to prevent bad circumstances, which can affect the reputation in a very negative way.

If you pour something into the mug – you will have unexpected profit. If you remove a mug and put a wine glass on the table, it signifies that choices which you make in life will be successful.