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Mushroomer - Meaning of Dream

For everyone it is useful to know, what does collecting of mushrooms mean, as this dream always carries a positive meaning. Virtually in all dream books of the world, mushrooms indicate unbridled desires, which are very difficult to control and as a result they lead to disastrous consequences.

If you first collect and then eat the same mushrooms, this dream can mean severe humiliation or shameful love.

A dream, in which a young and unmarried woman is a mushroom gather, means that she is very wasteful, disparagingly treats her property, and she may soon receive an invitation to take part in rather dubious entertainment, which as a result can lead to unexpected pregnancy.

Therefore, this dream for ladies is some kind of a warning about necessity to be more selective in relations.

For a young man, to be a mushroomer means that soon he will feel a strong fatigue, his health will significantly worsen.

But if such a dream is seen by elderly man, it is a very good sign, as he will live safely till quiet old age.

If in a dream you went into the forest to pick up mushrooms, but as a result in the middle of a glade you found a basket full of mushrooms to the top, this dream forebodes that in upcoming future you will get unexpected profit.

However, do not relax much, in some cases, this may mean that soon you will suffer from some nasty disease. Interpretation of this dream depends on how people felt, what emotions they had in a dream.

For a young or aged woman, a dream in which she is engaged in picking mushrooms portends a quick pregnancy, and in most cases it will be unexpected. She needs to be more attentive to men after such dreams, as she risks suffering from severe fatigue at work, causing much worse overall health.

If you pick up poisonous fly agaric, you will encounter strong disappointment and sadness ahead, and it will be very difficult to get rid of it.

If you managed to pick up the whole basket of edible mushrooms, it portends that everything you do in life will be rewarded and properly appreciated.

Some dream books argue that mushrooms, seen in a dream could mean that some of close friends or relatives will soon die. However, in this case, interpretation of a dream will depend on the surrounding circumstances - for example, what the weather or time of a day was, and whether mushrooms were collected and searched easily.

Most often, mushroom, seen in a dream are an unfavorable sign, since such a dream may indicate that a dreamer has unhealthy desires for performance of which he/she is ready to risk and lose all prosperity - all the wealth accumulated over a long time will be spent on some dubious pleasure that in result will bring nothing but disappointment.

To pick up mushrooms very fast, not knowing whether it is edible mushroom or not indicates that a dreamer makes some reasonable steps to try to amass own capital, with excessive desire to make a profit, as a result, it can lead to complete material collapse and the necessity to start from a scratch.

If you pick up poisoned mushrooms and eat it, in reality you will have a shameful love affair, which will lead to humiliation.

If you pick up edible and beautiful mushrooms, it portends that you will make some good purchase, which was long planned. This acquisition will bring you only joy and pleasure in future.

If you had a dream, in which you collected Boletus and other mushrooms in the dense forest, this dream foretells a great cleaning. If you try to find mushrooms, but as a result your eyes catch only one boletus mushroom, soon you will experience some joy and pleasant event.