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Mushrooms - Meaning of Dream


From childhood people associated mushrooms with food poisoning. Therefore, the majority believe that the mushrooms always seen as a sign of failure, some diseases, and problems.

Many dream books interpret picking up of mushrooms differently, but in most causes the opinion of authors are the same.

Recalling Miller dream book, mushrooms, represent the human desire to increase own monetary assets and immediate desire to get rich as soon as possible. Such ambitions can lead to the courts, as well as to deceptive entertainment.

If you taste mushrooms, it is a sign of constant humiliation and unrequited love with the person you have chosen. For a girl, such dream means that she will seek for satisfaction of own desires and pleasures through uncharacteristic actions for her. She should pay attention to neglected behavior towards own property and the accumulation of funds.

Tsvetkov in his dream book associated mushrooms with ability to receive help which you didn’t expect of. As a rule this assistance will be provided in the form of good advice or instructions from a friend, or relatives. If you see a poisonous mushroom, it seems that it is a sign of misfortune, but on the contrary your life will be long and happy.

Morning dream about gathering mushrooms means that in real life very soon you will be awarded.

Hasse interpreted the meaning of mushrooms as following: if you pick up mushrooms, it means that you will receive unpredictable reward for hard work and diligence, manifested in some deals. After eating mushrooms in a dream, you will have only pleasure and enjoyment in life. Hasse states, that if you see a poisonous mushroom, you will encounter extraordinary and possibly burdensome situation, and only happy chance will help you to get out of that. In general, eating of mushrooms, predicts long life and experience of longevity.

Dream book of Semenova describes that a dreamer is willing to take short-term action and hurriedly seeking to increase own savings. If mushrooms are used in food, it will lead to some kind of humiliation and unpleasant feelings. Mushrooms, for young woman, mean that in the near future she will have dubious relations that will lead to pleasure.

Aesop in his dream book said, that mushroom seen in the dream, is a warning sign; the dreamer should have a proper care.

If your dream is full of poisonous mushrooms like Amanita, it means that at the moment you can’t have peaceful life, as very close there is a person who wants to make something evil. At the same time, under certain circumstances, mushrooms, represent wisdom and intelligence, as well as luck.

If you dream that you see a basket with mushrooms, very soon you will have to prove innocence and beliefs.

Wormy mushrooms, is a warning about diseases and misfortunes.

If you eat mushroom soup, it means that your close friend will be suspected of illegal act.

If you see huge mushrooms, it means that your wisdom will be appreciated properly.

If you dream like you clean mushrooms, it means that you have neat lifestyle.

To throw mushrooms in the trash shows unusual sexual fantasies.

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