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Myopia (Short sight) - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you suffer from myopia, it means that you can’t resist or solve own problems in real life. Very soon you will have unpleasant encounter. You lost control in your affairs and suddenly you might face with your rival.

A dream where your choose glasses indicates your poor judgment and absence of vigilance, it is handy for your enemies. If you still do not see well even after you have chosen and bought special glasses for your myopia, this dream means that you need to change your views in life.

For a man, to see his partner suffering from myopia, means that he will be disappointed with her in the nearest future. For a woman, such a dream tells that she might be trapped in love triangle.

If you see people with myopia, it means that first you need to analyze your disadvantages before judging somebody else.

For a young girl, dreaming of myopia, means that she will meet a rival very soon. If young man dreams of his beloved one having troubles with myopia, it means that he won’t be satisfied with her behavior.

If a married woman saw this dream and she has certain plans in real life, this dream advises to start implementing it immediately. If she hesitates, something may develop against the plan, nevertheless the results will be favorable.