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Nail polish - Meaning of Dream

Nail polish is a symbol of decoration or hiding shortage of something. Generally, polish is used to turn something from regular to excellent condition.

If you polish your nails in a dream, it portends that soon you'll be involved in some intrigues that will end up in a disaster for you. So you should pay careful attention to all kinds of discussions and gossip, and best of all ignore them completely.

Beautiful nail polish foreshadows changes in life that will bring not only moral, but also aesthetical pleasure. The most important thing is to correctly interpret the dream and follow the prompts that the brain sends to you in a dream.

If you polish the nails of your close people, it foretells that your loved ones will appreciate your ideas and will help you in every possible way to implement them. If you polish the nails of a stranger, this dream forebodes the envy of your colleagues at work.

Dreaming of nail polish is a good sign, which means a positive change in your life; besides it promises you only positive emotions.

There are interpretations of dreams about polish according to the color. So, red polish promises great love; pink – flirtation; orange and yellow - happiness and success; blue - thoughtfulness and tranquility; white – grief; black - sadness; green - joy; and polish with spangles portends excellent weekend with lots of fun.

Domestic problems should be solved with creativity and then your dreams will be realized, and desires fulfilled. After a pleasant hassle you are likely to see good dreams, the interpretation of which will bring you satisfaction.