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Nail / Tack - Meaning of Dream

Dreams about nails may notify of future problems. In addition, such dreams foretell happy events. Subconscious mind tells us about future situation through the dream, and in real life we can influence it.

Nail in a dream is a symbol of obstacles. If a nail has a pointed end, this dream foretells a fight with a partner. Try to keep your emotions under control, and then you will avoid misunderstandings.

If the nails were rusty, then pay careful attention to own health, you risk catching up a serious disease. If besides being rusty, the nail was bent, it indicates some very old problem that requires immediate solution. Soon you will be responsible for something very important, and you need to manage this task.

If you hammer a nail, it portends that you will finally defeat an old enemy, and will find a new source of vitality.

It should be noted that if you dream of many nails, it is better not to take any action. Do not start new business; otherwise you will face a lot of troubles, which would not let you finish the affairs, and you will only bear losses. You should wait for a more favorable period of your life.

If you try to hammer nails, but nothing works out, this dream portends close troubles. It is necessary to pay attention to the reason for which you have not hammered a nail. If you hit my thumb, it's very bad. Get ready for defense. If the nail was bent, then you need to show great patience and demonstrate your character.