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Nails - Meaning of Dream


Nails, is a symbol of both good and bad in the dreams, which means industriousness, nobility, infamy, fear and even disease.

According to Vanga there are four types of definitions of the dreams in which people see nails.

The first, most basic, is if you see the nails, it means that you will work very hard. But although such work will be evaluated, but still this will be too little, therefore we can say that the work will be done practically for nothing.

The second indication of what the dream with nails, tells the following: if you tide your nails, do manicure or pedicure, or just paint them, it means nobility. Mostly this definition Vanga gives in respect to the performed work, which may have been done more on a voluntary basis; it still brings a certain pleasure. Also such dreams indicate your modesty and inability to lie and dissemble.

The third interpretation is when the nails are on the contrary more sloppy and neglected and not beautiful. This dream symbolizes the emergence of various diseases in the nearest future, and problems in professional activity. Therefore it is necessary to pay more attention to your health, follow the right diet. And at work it is worth trusting only yourself, and performing all the tasks on time and without delay. Only in this case, you will be able to avoid the impending difficulties.

The fourth interpretation, which gives Vanga dream book, is when your nails are dirty. It is a symbol of dishonor and disgrace, if you can’t appreciate the true situation and solve it as fast as possible.

From the perspective of family life, a dream in which you cut your nails means some efforts that you will have to undertake in order to get a common good. Perhaps, you will have to spend more time with older relatives, as well as with the younger generation. And they both require a lot of attention, warmth and care. You should not skimp on these feelings. First, it can bring great satisfaction and joy. And it means that not only they will be happy, you also will feel joy of paying attention to them. In short, the benefits for all!

Also in the dream you need to pay attention to the length of the nails. So, if they are quite long and even seem like unnatural, it is a sign of a very long period of happiness. If the nails are short, then do not expect for any bright moments in future.

Most often, to trim your nails in a dream, it means that in the near future it is possible that your life will greatly change. There is something what you have to lose. But instead of this lost you will gain something new and more meaningful.

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