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Naked - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you are completely naked in a public place, this dream can be a warning. However, the interpretation of this dream will directly depend on the details - for example, do other people see your nudity or nobody notices a naked person.

Walking naked in own dream foretells that in the near future there will be a scandal. Also, this dream may indicate that in real life a dreamer will dare to commit some misdeeds.

But if you see complete strangers being naked, then this dream may indicate that someone from your surroundings will make sustained efforts to astray you.

Also, this dream may indicate that soon you will face a serious illness, which will be very difficult to recover completely and the rehabilitation period will take a very long time.

For a young girl, to be naked and to adore own body forebodes that soon she will have a big scandal, which will ruin her reputation.

When a young woman in a dream is completely naked floating in the clear clean water - she will be very happy about mysterious love, but there is a risk that she will get ill or simply lose her natural beauty.

If she is bathing in muddy and very dirty water, then soon people in her surrounding will know about her hidden affairs and secrets.

For a mature woman, to see naked men swimming in the crystal clear water is a sign that in reality she has a lot of loyal fans who adore her.

A dream, in which a woman sees a lot of naked men bathing in very dirty water, portends that soon she will have a pretty big trouble, for example, one of the previously rejected fans will want to revenge and will begin to dissolve the nasty rumors.

Most often, a dream, in which you see yourself completely naked, predicts that very soon there will be some serious problems - for example, scandals will begin at home or at work and you will not able to avoid catchy showdown. And if someone else was naked in a dream, then detractors will spoil everything.