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Needle - Meaning of Dream

In a diversity of dreams there are lots of interesting symbols. You can interpret them in different ways; moreover it depends greatly on the action of the object, the duration of the process and the mood of a dreamer.

You will find two versions of interpretation (positive and negative) that psychologists distinguish for the dreams about a needle.

If you run a thread through an eyelet and see the needle with a thread, this dream portends acquaintance with a new person. This meeting will be very successful and interesting, and will bring a lot of positive emotions and good impressions.

In a dream you see a broken needle, or you accidentally break it, this dream promises the disease. If you look for a needle but can’t find it, in real life you will have to look for the solution of a problem.

If you try on a pattern of a suit and prick yourself with many needles, it foreshadows many beneficial affairs in reality; therefore you will be very careful in business.

A friend, who brought you a needle, portends frustration in real life. Perhaps, a person whom you trusted will suddenly let you down.

A blunt needle in a dream signifies the loss of affection towards a close person. If you see the needle with a thread, the relationship will improve. The longer is the thread, the stronger relationships you will build. This dream also tells that you try to rich the level of a successful person.

If you use a needle for sewing in a dream, in bodes anguish of mind because of lost connection with a close person.