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Nest - Meaning of Dream


Nest, is a symbol of hearth and home.

For young people, bird's nest in the dream, portends fast move out or repair, and career change.

For business people, a nest in the dream, promises profits in business, success in affairs, or salary increase.

Empty Nest, is a bad sign, it portends a separation from a loved one, unrequited love and loneliness.

If you dream to see the nest with bird eggs, you should prepare for a dramatic move and change of the environment, or distant long trip.

If you see a nest with chicks, abandoned by mother, you should prepare for a difficult period in life, maybe you will face difficult life situation.

In contrast, a nest with a bird incubating eggs is a very good sign, indicating the onset of peace and prosperity in the family, loved ones will be successful and happy.

For young people, to find a nest in a dream, promises engagement; and to build a nest, means preparation for the wedding.

If you destroy the nest in the dream, in reality you will have a strong disagreement with loved one; and for those who are preparing for the wedding, this symbol means that the celebration will be delayed.

If you dreamed that you hold the nest in your hands, it means that you will make a profit. If you carry it somewhere, it means that you feel a burden in your life.

In your dream you see how swallows make a nest it means that soon in life you will have a housewarming.

To remove the nest from the tree in a dream means that in the near future you will be very happy, but this will not last for long.

If you see the nest and it hangs on the edge of the branch, it usually means that you do not feel life support, and you are not confident in own actions.

To see a nest in a dream, fully fledged, means that you are in close contact with some people who have a strong influence on your business, but you do not know anything about this.

If you see yourself in a large nest, then in reality you are in close connection with a particular range of people.

If you are fed in the nest, it means that you need someone's help. Constantly come to the nest with food, means that in reality the welfare of loved ones completely depends on you.

If you see the nest filled with young chicks, according to Vanga dream book, it means that you will have addition to your family; your woman will get pregnant and will tell you about it.

If you observe a bird building a nest, this dream means that life will get better soon; sadness and anxiety will leave you, everything will turn out to be better, and the enemies will be eliminated, which means that all affairs will improve.

Therefore, the interpretation of the dream in which you see nest has more positive than negative meaning, because you will soon get some good news, which will improve your life for all criteria.

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