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Net - Meaning of Dream

Seeing in your dream that you’ve become entangled in a net characterizes you as an unprincipled person. You easily come under baleful influence of corresponding people, especially if you are a teenager, for example. At this age the system of values and principles only begins to form as you understand the world deeper and become more experienced. Regarding some people, they cannot get rid of other people’s influence even when they are adults. They don’t mind doing what other people tell them. For some of them it is much better and easier than to take responsibility upon his/her shoulders; they are not interested in making efforts to gain something themselves. All the rest just doesn’t think that there can be another scenario. Keep in mind that this influence can be very harmful for your health, dignity, career, well-being and future in general. Get to know the members of your environment better, look at them closely. Probably, such a person looks for the benefits which can be gained in the result of communicating and collaborating with you. Don’t be afraid of facing responsibilities and difficulties. It is your life, and you must and inevitably will make mistakes because it is how we learn. You’ll achieve something only when you are determined, self-confident, interested, reasonable and cool.

If there is an old and torn net in your dream, it cautions you against losing something important and even precious. It’s not necessarily a material thing. For example, you may lose a friend in the result of a stupid quarrel. So, be on the alert and think twice before you start to argue with the people who are dear to your heart. Ask yourself whether the subject of your conflict is worth of it. Sometimes, people even cannot remember a reason in a lapse of time; or they are shocked how banal and ridiculous it was.

Casting a net denotes that you may take part in some new affair soon. However, no matter how reliable and profitable it seems to you, it can be rather risky. Ask somebody experienced and whom you trust to advise you on it. If it appears to be rather slippery, it is better to give it up. Believe that it is the best way out. You won’t suffer any losses in such a case.

If in your dream you’re trying to catch something with a net, it stands for amazing success and luck in the nearest future.

If you’ve torn it, it means that your relationships with your friends will become unstable. But weaving a net in your dream denotes quite opposite – you’ll strike up new acquaintances which will be not only pleasant but also helpful in some businesses.

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