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Nettle - Meaning of Dream

The most common dreams are plucking the nettle or beating someone with a nettle branch, causing the real pain.

Thus if you feel the pain from the nettle in a dream, this is a very serious sign, because it is kind of a hint from the body, that currently you have some hidden health problems.

The beating with nettle leaves indicates your inner instability, which will be caused by slander behind your back. If you happened to pluck nettles and hurt your hands, this characterizes your intrinsic qualities - courage and stubbornness.

Nettle itself is an ambiguous object. Indeed, on the one hand, it represents the power of nature and rapid growth of the energy, and on the other hand it carries a risk.

The healing properties of nettle allow it to act as means for solution of various health problems.

In some believes nettle is a symbol that can ward off evil spirits. This object in a dream can be perceived as a protective talisman. Every dream is unique and a dreamer may see nettles in different situations.

Nettle, which plays a central role in a dream, indicates foreseen changes in life. For example, if you feel the smell of nettle, it tells that your children will veer out of control and you need to take certain measures to ensure that their behavior doesn’t cause problems.

If you plant nettle in the garden of your summer cottage, this is a good dream, helping you to avoid encounters with evil.

A very good dream is if you do not feel pain when holding nettle; it means that your life will be full of success, and luck will contribute to the avoidance of all the difficulties and dangers in your way.

Of course, there are dreams which are interpreted as poverty and disobedient children. In each case, the dreams about nettles should be interpreted based on many factors. However, even the unfavorable sign can be used for good, because it prepares for the trouble in advance.