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Newspaper - Meaning of Dream

Newspaper in the modern dream books symbolizes rumors and gossip. Your reputation is threatened with collapse, if someone handed you a newspaper with the latest news. But tarnished reputation it's not all that can be expected from such a dream. Friends will turn away from you, and you will face deception and betrayal.

If you buy a newspaper in a dream, it forebodes that someone is going to unleash a lawsuit against you, the expenses of which may greatly affect your financial condition and state of health.

If you printed a newspaper, Miller interpreted this as an agreement for forced trips that are going to be very successful and profitable. If you see your boss holding a newspaper, it signals of legitimate criticism of your actions in reality. If you were going to huddle a job through, be ready that your plans are threatened to be revealed and your reputation will be tarnished. In order to restore the good name, you will need to make additional efforts. If you communicate in a dream with a paperboy, be ready for cheating of your new friend.

If you are a politician and you hold a newspaper in a dream, Vanga interpreted it as charges for actions which you didn’t perform. All the events that will take place, will be full of gossip and intrigue around you. If you look for a newspaper but can’t find it, it signifies that your ideas can be stolen by partners, and you will be accused of plagiarism. If you take a newspaper from the mailbox, it portends that you are going to receive good news from distant relatives.

Freud's dream book interpreted a newspaper as a long-term selection of a partner that may end up with marriage to a widow. If you read a newspaper and flip its pages, you will have a pleasant journey, which might end in a fateful encounter. If you wrap something in a newspaper, you will get to know about your partner’s betrayal, which will be soon revealed and will be spread by enemies throughout the county.

If you burn newspapers, you will have to accept a new partner, who doesn’t cause you any positive emotions.

If you sell newspapers, it foretells that your perseverance will help you to separate from people you don’t like.