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Night bat - Meaning of Dream

If you recall all the superstitions that are associated with bats, it becomes clear why the interpretation of the dream does not bode well. After all, a modern person associates a bat with darkness, vampires, witchcraft, evil spirits and danger. Intuitively a person connects this dream with mysticism, though the interpretation of more prosaic.

If you dreamed of regular grey bat, this dream warns you about all sorts of troubles, tribulations, wounds or injuries, moreover troubles will affect not only your life but also the lives of your close people. But if you dreamed of a white bat, you better do all possible not to let this dream come true, because it portends someone's death; try to demonstrate your strength, care and resourcefulness. Especially if you have children, the ancient interpretations tell that this dream portends the loss of a child. However, this dream may also mean that you suffer misgivings of upcoming woes in reality, which will not come true, but only hinder your sober assessment of the situation.

If you dreamed of a bat flown into the room, it portends someone’s upcoming departure. The interpretation of a dream differs depending on the country in which the person lives, and what language he/she speaks. In different cultures the same animals are associated with fundamentally different values.

That is why this animal in a dream has five different interpretations - health, material well-being, pure love, long life and death. The flock of flying bats portends success and luck in business. In ancient Rome and Greece a bat was a symbol of sharp vision and a dream about it meant vigilance and intuition.

In Europe, this animal has a negative meaning, and therefore the dreams are interpreted as bad omens: a bat in the air indicates the enemy; a bat in the hair - a possible death of some close relatives; if you simply see a bat, it is a warning of a danger.

For people in love this is an unfavorable symbol, it bodes the appearance of a rival, who can break up the happy couple. If you marry a bat in a dream, though it is very strange, but the dream predicts a very friendly and happy marriage in reality.

If a bat is seen in a dream on the eve of performing a serious business or undertaking, it is an omen of bad luck and failure; but if this dream is seen before the end of the deal, it states your vain worries about successful completion.

Flocks of bats reflect your fears of persecution, which disturb you and cause various negative emotions.

If you dream of a sleeping suspended bat, this is a sign of a dormant danger, evil force or negative in the environment. But it is also a hint to have a look at you and your life from another angle, not to be influenced by negative emotions and let events take their course without trying to turn the world and life upside down.