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Nit - Meaning of Dream

Nit is an omen of impending happiness that will bring a lot of memories, good feelings, and bright impressions.

A dream with nits may be interpreted as following - usually it means money receipt and the management of all business and problems at work. After such a dream, the improvement in dreamer’s mood is visible, together with the desire to relax and change the situation. After all, changes lead to mental growth of a personality.

Also, Vanga said that it is necessary to distinguish who exactly had the nits in a dream.

Particularly good sign if they were on other person’s head, then it is a sign that all undertakings will be successful and will bring rather big profits.

But, unfortunately, if a dreamer sees nits on own head, then a dream warns about small issues that may appear soon.

If you see just nits and nothing else – soon you will get a lot of opportunities to demonstrate own abilities completely and improve relationships both with friends and enemies.

Therefore, this dream can be called more than just positive. It also means that thanks to a lot of opportunities, a person can become very rich.

Dreaming as if you comb the nits out of your hair promises you lots of money.

If you saw a dream where you comb the nits out of someone else’s head, it tells that your financial well-being depends on a certain person, who is your boss or a business partner.

Dreaming of nits on a bed foretells a romantic dinner.

Crushing nits bodes that nobody will distract you from intended course, and any troubles can affect your plans.

Some interpretations indicate that nits in a dream do not only mean money and profits; they can also be a sign of a long and painstaking work.

Killing nits in a dream portends that in real life you will be able to manage all the troubles and difficulties.

Sometimes nits in a dream symbolize some obstacles when achieving financial benefits, and tell that you should be patient and persevere to move to your goal; eventually you will succeed.

If you saw a nit – most likely you will have an extremely successful day. If you do your best, your efforts in implementing of a planned will be successful; all your work will be rewarded in the end.