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Notebook - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a notebook, it means that in reality you need to restore perfect order in some spheres of ​​your life.

If you see yourself in the office supply store, buying a notebook, this dream foretells that your current life is in a state of chaos. But there is good news: apparently you have already mapped out a decent way and safely move forward with an aim to regulate your communication and business.

In a dream you read someone’s notebook with curiously, it means that in the near future your friends will turn away from you because they got bored and annoyed by your impudence and obsession when discussing their personal lives.

Making notes with diligence is a hint: soon you will receive some important information, which will help you to correct your lately shaky financial situation.

If a stranger read your own notebook with confidential notes - alas, but your attempts to hide some facts of your career from friends and relatives will fail because they know you quite well.

If you lost a notebook with extremely valuable information, it means that in the future you will regret because of inadvertent error.

Notebook in a dream book by Miller predicts that soon you will have manage new responsibilities and chores, and not necessarily unpleasant.

Dreaming of a notebook purchase indicates your disorganization and lack of discipline that will lead to hopelessly confusing situation in business.

If you see yourself writing neatly in a notebook, most likely, the state of your affairs in reality requires improvement.

If you peep in someone’s notebook - try not to discuss details of your personal life with a friend, because such a faux pas can seriously complicate your relationship.

To receive a notebook as a gift in a dream means that someone of your surroundings will greatly annoy you.

In a dream you write something in a notebook, it means that your surrounding will get wider and there will be more people you communicate with.