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Nurse - Meaning of Dream


There are not so many notions, which have a univocal meaning in dreams interpretation. Usually, one and the same object or phenomenon can denote several of them (positive and negative at the same time). Seeing a nurse in your dream betokens care, cure, strong health, respect and help from other people. Alongside these, it may be a sign of health concerns and lies.

If in your dream you invited a nurse to your house/apartment, such a sign threatens with an illness. Pay due attention to your health state. Perhaps, you’d better apply to a doctor and undergo the examination at the hospital to be confident that nothing menaces your health and well-being. If your analyses are not satisfactory, don’t panic! You’ll manage with such a disorder, it’s curable. Take into consideration that all your health problems (even insignificant, at the first glance) you must regard with due responsibility. Never neglect them.

Also, a dream with a nurse in your house may warn you against a quarrel with your friends. Your friendship can be at risk. You’ll inevitably regret about it in the future. So, bear this in mind and try to neutralize a potentially harmful misunderstanding between you and your friend or colleague – don’t start sharp disputes, keep your hot temper to yourself, yield, if it is possible. Avoiding the quarrels will make you very pleased and happy.

Quite opposite dream is the one where a nurse is leaving your house/apartment. It bodes you strong health. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can forget about doctors and planned examinations. Take care of your body and health to keep them in a perfect condition. There is not such a notion as “too good health”. You are lucky to be a full-blooded person, so appreciate it and maintain yourself in a good shape. There are two key moments in a healthy lifestyle: proper dietary intake and going in for sports (yoga, fitness, pilates, etc.).

If a woman is seeing herself as a nurse in her dream, it shows that she deserves people’s respect mostly due to her self-sacrifice and piety. Maybe such a dream hints you that a situation when you have to act decidedly will soon take place in your life. It’s your chance to prove yourself and help others.

If a nurse is leaving a patient in your dream, it indicates that she’ll fall for a deceit soon. This sign is absolutely inauspicious for her. She should be cautious and not trust one and all. There are different people, whose ego becomes apparent too late for some people.

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