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Oak - Meaning of Dream


Modern dream book. Oak tree in a dream represents physical strength and spiritual power of a person. If you dreamed of a centuries-old green oak, then you will have a long and healthy life. You will not think about own health, good condition of body will become your constant companion: you will be able to avoid illness and your family will be happy. A wealth and riches will always be with you. If you sit under an oak tree in a dream and tell it about your sorrows, it is a good dream, it will bring you many solutions to your problems, and your life will improve.

Oak tree in Miller dream book. To dream of an oak grove, it is a sign of a happy and carefree life. If you pick up acorns under it, you will have promotion or the rapid climb on the career ladder. Talk with oak in a dream, is a sign of wisdom. You will receive a good education and be able to engage in business which you like, and which can make your life better. Deciduous oak leaves in the dreams, mean temptations and sorrows; for lovers, it's a sign of parting. If you managed to hide under an oak tree in bad weather, in reality you will be able to avoid dangerous situations. For a young girl, in a dream to decorate an oak, it is a sign that she will get marry very soon with a wealthy man, and their love will be mutual.

Oak tree in a dream book of Vanga. If you take care for old oak in your dream, it is a sign that your projects will bring significant revenue. You can safely take on new deals, all of them will be profitable.

If you dream of showered acorns from the oak, it means that your hard work will be finally appreciated by your management.

If you pluck an oak tree together with a root, it is a bad sign. This dream promises you resentment and offences of a soul mate.

To hear the rustling of oak leaves in a dream is a sign of a full recovery of a person, who had a fatal illness. If in the dream you decide to sit or lie down in the shade under the oak tree, in reality, you will also get some rest for a long time. Some of influential friends will offer their help and their services in order to help you fully relax.

Oak tree in a dream book of Freud. If an oak is seen by a woman in love, it means, that she is lucky about own choice. With such a strong and sturdy man, she should hurry up to get married. To dream of a dried oak, means to break up and lose a loved one. To dream of oak without leaves predicts sexual weakness. If you plant a small green oak tree in a dream, it is a sign of the birth of a healthy son.

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