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Oats - Meaning of Dream


If you see stalks with ears full of oats in your dream, it is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Ripe ears predict significant wealth or disposable income. If you dreamed of dry oats of golden color – such dream heralds the fulfillment of desires, embodying the hopes into reality.

Dreaming of one grain of oats, is a sign of anguish and disappointment. Some of your colleagues will try to show your weak sides to your boss, and therefore eliminate you from the run for premium. Don’t be upset, because no matter what they do, your boss still knows your abilities and potential. You will not lose anything.

If you see oats grain in the palm, it is a harbinger of tears and trouble. You accumulate too much of negative emotions and get upset with no reason. You need to let go all your worries and be more positive in life.

If you happen to observe the harvesting of oats in the dream, it means that in reality you will be rewarded for your efforts. The more abundant is the harvest in the dream, the stronger will be your real income.

If an image of harvesting in the dream was fast passing without a clear vision, then profits will not be very significant. Also such dream presages the receipt of good news from relatives.

If you do threshing of oats in the dream or you are present during this process, it means that you will have success in business. Problematic situation and complications in the affairs you might have after the dream in which thresh straw in vain.

If you dreamed of sacks with oats grain, in real life you will not face poverty. All of that will happen because of your careless attitude towards your business.

Buying oats grain in a dream, it means that you attract profit and success to yourself.

If on contrary you sell oats, you will lose a lot in life, material and mental.

A dream in which you scattered oats grain on the sides, indicates your extravagance, which may result in ruin. Scattered oats also, mean that you will have serious troubles because of irresponsibility, and unreliability. Grain, dreamed by unmarried girl, foretells a decent competitor for her heart.

Oats in dream book of Miller. Versatile success, fun, carefree existence portends a dream in which you see full ears of oats, or threshing of grain. Good news and excitement for relatives portends the dream where you harvest the fields of oats.

For young women this dream means that the fate will necessarily bring them together with noble partners.

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