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Occupation - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you saw any kind of occupation, it is an extremely unfavorable sign, which results in the loss of work or portends stagnation in financial affairs. In some cases, this dream can predict a serious and protracted illness. If in a dream you were fired, you can be calm, in reality there is no reason for worries, because you are a responsible and hard-working employee, a true professional in your field.

If you occupied other people with something, it foretells losses and failures. If you were engaged in your favorite activity, in reality you will have positive changes in your career.

If you dreamed of unfamiliar unusual occupation or action, which you do not see in everyday life, try to remember all the details of the dream. If you were flying like a bird, it tells that you are very sensitive; most likely, in your heart you are still a child, you can day-dream and limn on water, because the flight symbolizes absolute freedom. Sometimes the flight indicates that you have finally made an important decision that will affect your future life.

If you were occupied in something unusual personally for you, for example you were a doctor or a singer, then it is possible that you have a certain talent in this direction. Do not hesitate to improve your skills in this area.

But if you saw other people being occupied with something, all of such dreams have their interpretations. So, if you saw the official doing his job, it heralds categorical denial of any official request. Busy jeweler predicts care and small household chores. If a teacher was checking notebooks or was explaining a new topic, in upcoming future you will meet a person, who will teach you a lot.

A dream about blacksmith’s occupation foretells fortune and luck; digger tells to beware of enemies’ machinations.

If you saw a clown working at the circus arena, it seems that in reality you are afraid and panic to find yourself in an awkward situation. If you dream of handler, it portends a successful marriage; juggler promises considerable profit; magician bodes rapid progress and climbing the career ladder.

If a ferryman gave way to a barge, it is a good omen promising a large cash prize. Artist playing on stage predicts misunderstandings and lies in personal relationships. A thief, who was opening the safe or a door, predicts frustrations and disappointments in the relationship with a loved one.

If you dream of a loader, who drags and carries loads, it ensures that you will get rid of the hardships and problems bothering you for a long time.