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Oil - Meaning of Dream


Seeing any type of oil in your dream implies that you’d like different things in your life run more smoothly. For example, it can refer to your promotion at work or relationships with people. It seems to you that this stuff comes not as easily as it should. You have to make great efforts to gain even the smallest victory in different spheres of your life. You look for the answer in waking life, and your attempts and desires to find it are expressed in the image of oil in your dreams. Maybe, you should blame yourself in this tension. Try to reconsider your world view and attitude to people in particular.

Seeing oil in your dream that is gushing forth can be interpreted differently. It may stand for a tragic accident or disaster. In the result, many people can be killed or injured; you are not an exception. So, follow the world news and think out a plan of escape in case there is a real threat in the future. If you are negligent about this, it can play Old Harry with you, and you may pay an exorbitant price for it sooner or later. What is meant here is your health, welfare and even life.

It has another meaning though. It betokens meeting with an interesting and outstanding person. His/her individuality and originality practically “gushes forth”. You’ll find this person rather precious for your own individual development. You’ll be very glad that the destiny has brought you together. He/she can teach you a lot.

If you are seeing burning oil in your dream, it represents that you can strike up a friendship with a person who is high in the social scale. You won’t be tempted by an opportunity to keep a company with someone influential; first of all, you’ll like this person for his/her individuality and a warm heart. Due to this person’s position in the society and your friendly relationships, he/she will be very helpful when you are confronted by some problems. Appreciate it and pay back in his/her coin!

Having got plastered with oil in your dream stands for your kind and sincere intentions towards something or somebody. Although, such a dream can also mean that you are (or will be) under the delusion. You don’t perceive events of your life adequately. It may be somebody else who deludes you, or it may be your fault. Try to evaluate things objectively. To do this, you must look at them from another angle.

If there is oil poured on the ground or a see, it bodes a series of misfortunes. Just carry out your responsibilities honestly and keep in mind that these evil days are temporary. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Making oil in your dream presages sound health during the whole life.

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