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Oilcloth - Meaning of Dream

Oilcloth in the dreams is a symbol of unnaturalness and coldness. If you hold oilcloth in the hands, or cover yourself with it - in reality you are destined to suffer mean treason and treachery of a loved one or a friend.

A beautiful oilcloth covering the table is considered as an omen of great celebration, bright festive mood and extremely interesting celebration.

If you decided to sell oil cloth and look for the customers, it tells that soon you will inadvertently become involved in any risky and questionable business.

In Miller’s dream book, if you wrap anything in the oilcloth, this is a sign that you will be unexpectedly infected by disease or will suffer poisoning, and this will greatly worsen your health.

If you tear or cut the oilcloth, this is a harbinger of serious casualties and life tests that aimed to check your strength of character.

According to Vanga the oilcloth together with the tablecloth is an attribute of guests hosting and celebrating lush feast. If you don’t like the oilcloth which you saw in a dream: it was torn, dirty and faded - a dream foretells a miserable existence in despair and poverty.

If you bought the oilcloth in a dream, it bodes that you will experience the fleeting joy of a romantic relationship. But after this brief joy you will surely suffer the bitterness of disappointment because of your partner’s treachery.

In Freud's interpretation, the oilcloth is the object in the dreams of people who are very cold in intimate relationships; they are too lazy to experiment or learn something unusual. No wonder, that after this dream, you will find out about your sweetheart’s betrayal.

If you unfold the oilcloth and check its defects or drawings, this is a sign of your deliberate isolation from the surrounding people and their problems.