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Old woman - Meaning of Dream

To meet or talk with an old woman in a dream is a sign of disorder in communication with people around. Very likely a dreamer will meet people whom he/she doesn’t like. Or maybe some events from the past will upset a dreamer a lot. This is an interpretation for a dream where you see an unpleasantly looking old woman.

Old woman in a dream is a symbolic reflection of ingrained obnoxious feelings. Such a dream always warns about troubles and failures. Though it portends income and happiness for a woman, still it is a sign of betrayal and weakness for a man.

To see an old woman working means that some unfinished deals from the past will bother you again.

If an old woman is wearing rags/tatters, it is a warning that your present stability and reputation can be disordered by problems from the past.

At the same time, death or funeral of an old woman is a sign that your troubles will soon finish. But if the funeral is delayed your problems will also be solved with a delay.

An old woman with buckets is a symbol of income, especially if the buckets are full, but with empty buckets it also has a good meaning.

The quarrel with an old woman is a prognostic of worthless expenses. You better control your spending.

If an old woman tries to look young it indicates your wish to be loved.