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One - Meaning of Dream

A dream in which appears a number one image or a “very poor” mark can give your characteristics as a person, determine your future success or failure and life in general.

If you were a teacher/professor who gave a “very poor” mark to somebody, it signifies that you are a respected person. Evidently, you have reached (or will reach) success in your profession. Your contribution and knowledge are (will be) acknowledged by the men of great intellect. Accordingly, you are a well-to-do man – your income is equal to your unbelievable potential. You shouldn’t relax even for a moment though because, probably, there are your evil-wishers who long to throw sand in your wheel. Always be watchful to prevent their attempts to succeed in it.

But if you are a pupil or student yourself who have been given a “very poor” mark in a dream, it means that you must have some problems with your studying. This dream hints that you should pull up your socks as soon as possible because you will have a plenty of difficulties because of your laziness and negligence in the future. Moreover, the longer you behave unreasonably, the harder it is to catch up with everything you’ve missed. Even if you finally decide to turn over a new leaf, your attempt can be unsuccessful.

If the same dream had an adult, it designates that his/her life will be boring and depressing. The feeling of happiness won’t attend you for a long time. Certainly, there can be some reasons for it (sometimes, even the ones which you cannot eliminate). But if you really can influence the situation in some way, don’t lay it on a shelf not to make it even worse. Act! What is needed in this affair is only your sincere desire to change something. Remember that we can brighten our lives up whenever we want it.

An image of number “1” in your dream can characterize you as an undeveloped person who has a narrow outlook. Also, you are lacking in hobbies and personal interests. You are just a person who goes with the crowd. You are totally satisfied with your job (probably, not the best one) and don’t want to change anything; you don’t strive for more. Even if you are not gifted with a quick mind, you can become an intellectually developed person with your own efforts all the same. Apparently, you cannot imagine how much different exciting stuff harbors the world and how much there is for you to discover. But if you have decided to go this way entirely and permanently, you should realize that you cannot expect having a perspective job and decent income. It is up to you.