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Orange - Meaning of Dream


Orange in the dream is a symbol of health, fulfillment of wishes and marriage.

If you dream of an orange in his hands, it means that you will meet someone who will play a major role your destiny.

To buy oranges in the market in a dream is to fulfill the cherished desire.

If you dreamed of an orange tree, it is good sign, be ready for pleasant news.

If you've seen a lot of orange trees with bright orange fruits, it means that your relationship will lead to a strong and happy marriage.

To dream how you eat an orange, it means that you are not satisfied with your personal life. Perhaps your partner doesn’t want to do things you ask him/her in bed.

If a woman dreamed of one large orange on the tree, and she couldn’t reach it, it means that she does not trust men and may remain lonely for a long time.

If you see an orange on the table, be ready for a pleasant surprise.

If a woman in a dream treats a man with an orange or conversely, man treats a woman, it means temptation and pleasure in the couple.

If you peel an orange in the dream, it means that you will have a romantic date.

To see already peeled oranges, means to experience worries because of the illness of a close relative.

If you see one fruiting orange tree, you shouldn’t worry about anything. In addition, this dream foretells good health.

In the dream you eat an orange and feel its sour taste, it means that you might face troubles.

If an orange has a tasty smell and is sweet, it means that troubles will pass you by.

If a young woman in a dream divides orange, perhaps she will be separated with her beloved.

To dream of oranges in the hands of a lover or beloved person, is a sign of a joyful meeting.

For a girl, who is planning a wedding, to see an orange in the dream, means that her life in marriage will be happy.

A dream in which you are buying oranges in the market portends family problems, deterioration of health and professional turmoil. If such dream is seen by a woman, probably she will break up with her partner. The more oranges she buys the longer will be the separation.

If you see orange, tangerine or watermelon peel, you will find a huge reward or pleasant surprise. If you eat the peel, it is a sign of unexpected happiness.

Also there is a very interesting interpretation of such dream by S. Freud, who explains it from a standpoint of our subconscious. According to this source, if you have seen the dream of a peel/crust, it means your ego and tells about emotional hunger. This is a sort of a signal that you lack of normal relations with the opposite sex. To solve this problem, try to make contact with a loved one. Thus, you will gain understanding and respect for each other. Entirely different meaning bears a dream about cooking and drying peels. In this dream, your subconscious is telling you that you are an architect/creator of own happiness and can independently solve all the urgent problems and issues.

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