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Orphanage - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming about orphanage is a subconscious signal that deep inside your heart you feel lonely and unsupported by a lover, best friends or family members. To achieve peace of mind and a sense of happiness, you need to take the first step towards close people; communicate more with them and try to resume mutual understanding and trust that was in your relationship before.

If you visit an orphanage it bodes that very soon you are going to face a difficult situation and encounter problems that can’t be dealt without help. Your best friends will come to rescue you, and with their help you, quickly and with virtually no loss, will be able to find a way out from the circumstances and get your life back on track.

If you dream as if you played different games with children from orphanage, in reality you will soon have the feeling of the melancholy about past youth and children's serene joy.

A dream, in which you see yourself in the role of one of the inmates of the orphanage, indicates that one of these days your child's misbehavior will cause grief and will lead to more troubles. If a person does not have children, it is likely that soon he/she will have a friendly fun meeting with old friends, which can result in an interesting adventure.

If you dreamed as if you leave the orphanage and the children who live there, say goodbye to you and wave their hands, then your most desired dreams will most likely not come true. You are kindly requested to say goodbye to many illusions and abandon unfulfilled desires, or you will have a lot of frustration and emotional distress.