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Otter - Meaning of Dream


Seen animals in the dream symbolize the mental strength, friends and enemies. Depending on circumstances you will be able to interpret your dream correctly.

If in your dream you see otters enjoy life and frolicking in water, moreover they are of unusual white color, it is an extremely auspicious sign that promises happiness and prosperity in real life.

If you see mother otter swimming in the water together with her cubs, it means that soon you will have a great time on the funny friendly party.

If you dream that you are carrying otter’s head in your hands, it means that apparently, in reality, you run by passion and desire.

If you see otter which behaved aggressively towards you, this dream foretells that your conscience is cloudy. Perhaps in the past you have committed some act against the low and are now you are experiencing a truly the torment of Tantalus.

To see otters in your dream, which have a nice conversation with each other it means that you'll be able to correct the error.

If you talk to the otter in your dream, it is a sign that you have to be ready for grief and distress.

If you see an otter growling, roaring and howling, it means that you will get unexpected news.

Otters fighting in your dream, most likely you will face difficult life span. Prepare for troubles, problems and cares.

For a woman, to see the dream where an otter brought naked and blind cubs with her, it means that very soon she will get pregnant and in the future will be a caring mother.

Otter trapped in a cage, predicts anxiety and excitement. Something new will happen in your life and you will not know how to treat it.

Otter in the dream book Miller. If you dreamed of beautiful otters swimming and play in the clear streams of water, in reality you will experience good luck in business and unclouded happiness in love affairs. If you are alone, in the foreseeable future you are sure to meet your soul mate and create a strong family.

Otter in Freud's dream book. If you see yourself wearing a luxurious fur coat made out of otter, it shows your inability to relax. The reason lies in your long-standing complex. For example, you feel some discomfort during sex because you afraid that someone will disturb you and interrupt an exciting experience.

If you bought a coat of otter, it means that you are afraid to blurt out something about yourself in the society of unfamiliar people. Calm down and try to behave naturally, in fact, nobody cares about your personal life except you.

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