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Overall - Meaning of Dream

If you sew overalls for your husband, you will get acquainted with an unpleasant man who will hit on you blatantly and will do anything possible to have intimacy with you. For this reason you may have an unpleasant conversation with a husband, because he will accuse you of treason. Often this dream promises divorce or cooling down.

A child romper is a harbinger of first pregnancy, and if a woman does not want it, she should think of better protection. For men, this dream promises problems with wife, who may raise all of the claims that have accumulated over many years.

If you dream that the overall if smeared with shit, this dream portends cash receipts. If you fell into the latrine and soiled yourself from head to toe, this is a very good dream, promising a huge inheritance.

Coverall is not always a harbinger of good events in life, therefore this image should be taken into account; try not to make mistakes.

If you try overalls on, it tells that you will fear for your life; it indicates that you often play safe because you are afraid that something can come out of control.

If you tore the overalls, this is a harbinger of a big scandal in your house. Most likely, someone in your family will wash your dirty linen in public, so you should be prepared for the fact that others will look askance and whisper behind your back.

However, all this can be prevented; the main thing is not to do sarcastic comments, then the house will be peaceful and quiet. If you sewn the overall, you will suddenly have many troubles which will be very difficult to manage. So it is better to share it among all members of the family, this will unite the members and make them more friendly.

Reflecting on what man overall mean you should seek for interpretation of this symbol in different dream books. Thus, Nostradamus advises to withdraw from business for a while, as the dreamer can be seriously betrayed, because they dream to fill his/her bonnet.

Dream book of Miller portends problems with children for women; for men this is a particularly pleasant acquaintance with a lady who will hum and take all money.

After such a dream Hasse advises not to go on a trip, because a dreamer may face some troubles.

Coverall has many interpretations, and, unfortunately, not all of them are positive. So to protect yourself, you should write your dream on a piece of paper and burn it, after such a simple procedure you may not worry that your dream will become a reality.