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Owl - Meaning of Dream

It is very interesting to know why you dream of an owl, especially if it is white. In general, the white color in a dream means purity, clarity, or sadness. If a person sees a white bird, an owl in particular, it is an auspicious dream, which means a lot of fun in reality.

Various dream books have different interpretations of the owls in the dream. You should consider not only the image of an owl, but also its actions while interpreting the dream. In order to understand the meaning of the dream, we must remember what owl symbolizes in real life life. Owl has both favorable and negative meaning. In mythology, an owl is an attribute of the goddess Athena. The image of the goddess and owls can be seen on coins. Our ancestors perceived as a symbol of secret knowledge and wealth. Unfavorable sign in ancient Rome was the cry of the owl, which was thought to foretell disaster.

Because of its nocturnal habits and the ability to see in the dark and find prey, the owl has gained not a very good reputation. It was believed that the owl may be a harbinger of death, a messenger from the underworld. Therefore, some people try to avoid it.

The dream, which involves the owl, can mean several things. From the positive point of view, the snowy owl can indicate the upcoming romantic date, which will bring a lot of good surprises and pleasant moments.

On the other side of a snowy owl can mean quarrels and unnecessary effort that will not bring any result. In everyday life, you better to try not to pay attention to the enemies and try to avoid conflicts; it is better not to talk too much and listen more, make own conclusions, which can be beneficial.

If an owl is not white in the dream, it may portend loss, inevitable illness and grief. However, there are those who remember about the symbolism of owls and associate it with wisdom and new knowledge, and believe that dreaming about owl will bring new discoveries, skills and knowledge.

Dreaming of a white owl is much better than of owls of other color, as the white color itself doesn’t bode anything bad, but rather signifies of purity, clarity and integrity.

Basically, dream books believe that an owl seen in the dream is a sign of loneliness, danger, or disease. But there are those who believe that an owl promises a date or a meeting with a friend, whose wisdom will be beneficial for you.

The main thing is to think positively and forget about possible bad outcomes of the dream.

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