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Ox - Meaning of Dream

If you are being chased by an ox in a dream, it bodes that you might face troubles in affairs caused by envy of competitors.

For a young woman dreaming of an ox predicts that soon she can receive a marriage proposal; however, it may not be the best option for her.

A dream, in which an ox tries to gore a man, portends failure associated with unreasonable use of somebody’s property.

Dreaming of a white bull in a dream bodes that you might develop to a higher level than those who do not miss the chance to follow fashion. Especially happy is a dream when you see white ox.

If you dream of a well-fed ox, it foreshadows that you will gain attention in your surrounding and women will look for your company.

Dreaming of thick bulls on green pasture promises you success and high social status, which you did not even dream about before.

If you see oxen bowed to the grass, it indicates the decline of your financial state, and friends will forget about you.

If you see selected pedigreed bulls, it is a harbinger of happy marriage with a wealthy bride or connection with former true sweetheart.

Dreaming of a dead ox is a sign of grief.

If the bulls drink pure water from a pond or a stream, it means that sweet and loyal woman may appear next to you. If a woman sees such a dream, it signals of her agreement and acceptance of the proposal from her devoted lover.

Ox skin or tale foretells that you can receive heritage very soon.

If you buy or sell an ox it means luck.

If you ride an ox, it tells that a powerful person will ask to do a personal kindness. If an ox is black – this task will bring you big profit.