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Oyster - Meaning of Dream


If you see an oyster in your dream, it is a sign that you have a tendency to get angry without a visible reason, which always offends people of your surroundings.

If you see yourself eating oyster in a dream, it means that in attempt to earn more, you risk behaving desperately, but this behavior is not desirable for you at this time.

If you dream of selling oyster, it means that you will go too far while trying to attract attention of a person you like.

According to English dream boo, if you eat oyster, it means that you will be rich and independent, but you will reach this after a series of family conflict and major losses in life. If you have a strong and close-knit family, this dream means that you will be happy. For people in love, this dream is a sign of fulfillment of desires and ideas.

Culinary dream book says that if you eat oyster in a dream, it means that you will neglect moral standards such in sake of momentary pleasures and entertainment. Sometimes, this dream means that your courage will help you attract attention of many women.

If you dream of oyster shell, it means that your efforts to help someone on the way to success will be in vain.

If you see many oysters it means that you have to regain harmony in relationship with your family and relatives, friends and colleagues. Also oysters are the sign of change in your life.

Oysters in a dream suggest you not to judge things by its appearance, but to try to understand its essence in order to understand the true situation.

If you open a shell and see an oyster, or you dream of already opened shell, it means that you will receive unexpected wealth or income, which can provide you with a comfortable existence for a quite long time.

In case, you open a shell but it is empty, this dream is a warning of possible financial losses or excessive spending that can adversely affect your financial condition.

However, no matter whether it is full or empty, the dream about shell promises good health for the dreamer and his/her family.

It is always interesting what shells in large quantities mean.

In case you had a colorful dream, in which you saw a sea coast or an ocean bed with a great abundance of shells or without them, it means a favorable completion of any work and worthy reward for the executed work.

If you dream of oysters occasionally scattered over a large sandy beach, or you see them in shallow water, then this phenomenon can not be assigned to good events. This dream can be interpreted as a sign that it is necessary to treat yourself and your preferences more carefully, in order not to spend the funds and time to empty and not always the right thing. In such a way, you will be able to avoid the feelings of remorse and devastation in the future.

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