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Paddle - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a paddle lying in a boat, then in the next couple of months you go in a pleasant trip. Carrying a heavy oar in hands is a warning: in any case, do not lend large sums of money to anyone, neither relatives nor close friends. This dream predicts that soon you will have to make unexpected purchases.

Inadvertently broken paddle advises to show own feelings towards beloved one less emotionally. It is understandable that you find it difficult to restrain passion and love, but still try; otherwise your partner will be scared with your ardor.

If you floated down the river in a boat without oars, this dream means that very soon you will be forcibly drawn into the vortex of somebody’s problems and worries. Unfortunately, you will not be able to solve the situation fast, so just do not take everything that happens too close to the heart.

In a dream you were rowing with oars of different length, it foretells you promotion and a very attractive business proposition which makes sense to accept.

If there were other people in a boat but you were rowing alone, it foretells that you will secure a grip on someone else's business.

If you lost one oar in the middle of a river/lake, it is a bad dream foretelling serious illness or even death of your relatives. If you have lost both oars, a tragedy will happen to both parents. Sometimes such dreams can predict a demise of a lover or spouse.

Paddle Miller’s dream book tells about frustration and loss. It is possible that circumstances will force you to forget about own well-being in the sake of happiness of friends and relatives. Loss paddle predicts vain cares and worries. Alas, you will not carry out your long-cherished plans. Do not despair, get some rest, and stubbornly continue to move towards the goal.

Broken oar is a harbinger that happiness will be replaced by tears and sadness.

In a dream you are holding a paddle, in real life you will suffer a deep disappointment associated with your very kind and benevolent nature.

Rowing oars in clean water is a harbinger of financial collapse, disappointments in affairs; in muddy or swift water –means that you take rash and thoughtless actions, which bring you nothing but disappointment.

Paddles are the primary symbol of the struggle between man and nature. They symbolize our opposition to the forces of nature that prevents the realization of our aspirations. A dream, in which you are preparing to use oars, means your suppression of circumstances. You may feel fatigue at work, and depression due to the inability to keep afloat in the financial, interpersonal or professional relations.