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Pain - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of pain, it is likely that it really exists, and after awakening you will also feel it. Another case is if you sleep in uncomfortable position and the body tells you to turn over.

Sometimes the pain experienced in a dream foretells a possible misfortune or just irritation from everyday life. If other people suffered pain in your dreaming, it's a warning about making a mistake.

If you hurt some specific parts, or see injuries and amputation, it signifies the fact that you should associate the pain with the events of a real life. You have to put your mind to the parts of your body and recall whether the pain was strong or you could stand it. Psychological pain experienced during a dream is also considered as physical.

In Miller’s dream book, it is also interpreted in almost the same way. A dream with pain is most often caused by physical grounds, when a person really hurts something. Yet in some circumstances it heralds imminent great misfortune.

In Vanga’s dream book you can find the following interpretation. If you went through a great pain from a sharp sudden punch while being unable to defend yourself, it means that you will take time to reflect on all events that are happening to you in real life. If you hit someone causing him/her pain, it states the appearance of some events and unexpected news.

If you dream that you beat someone and hurt him/her, according to Freud’s dream book, it indicates your propensity for sadism, and readiness to cause physical or moral pain to your partner. If you feel pain and satisfaction simultaneously, it shows a tendency to masochism.

Tooth pain is a sign of unpleasant conversation with somebody of your relatives.

Neck pain means that you treat your friends indifferently.

Pain in the loin is a harbinger that a dreamer might lose something precious.

If you feel pain in a belly button, it means that you treat your wife badly.

To feel pain in feet means that soon a dreamer will become rich.

If you feel pain in the back – be ready for death of your brother.

Pain in the throat warns a dreamer about enviers.

Pain in the chest signals of your fear in relation to somebody or something.

If somebody complains about his/her pain, it is a hint for you to think through your actions very carefully, and sometimes when needed listen to people’s advices.

Pain in heart means that in real life you may have problems with this organ or you are anxious a lot about your love affairs.