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Paint - Meaning of Dream

When a person sleeps, the brain continues to work, processing the information. Many scientists believe that during these processes, people see different images which are called dreams. Other scientists believe that a dream is an immersion into another reality and even other dimensions.

There are dreams that really stick in the memory, and it is simply impossible to forget them. Sometimes these dreams are called prophetic, as they warn people to be careful with certain things, actions and conversations. Or vice versa, the dream may foretell good luck in all your endeavors.

If you dream of paint, it is important to remember what color it was. If you paint something with white color, this dream foretells material and financial losses. If the paint is black, it could mean the quarrels with relatives and friends. If the color of paint is green, the dream tells that all your hopes in life will be fulfilled. Others paint colors, for example, red can mean invitation to a pleasant meeting or event, and the long-awaited love.

Blue paint bodes good luck and success in almost all spheres of life. If the paint of yellow color, it means separation from family and loved ones. Dark blue paint portends wellbeing in family life and work.

Orange paints foreshadow very strong love. Purple hues can mean that a dreamer will achieve a great honor and respect. But if you pain anything in brown color it can symbolize troubles in life because of obsessive and abusive behavior.

It is also important to remember what exactly you paint, for instance, painting the house or apartment can symbolize moving into a new home. A dream as if you paint the fence, basically symbolizes the same.

But if a person in a dream paints the floor or the wall, this dream may symbolize a long and happy love.

If you paint your clothes in any color, it indicates that you abuse someone's kindness and hospitality, and you better stop and apologize.

If a man paints his body in any color, it foretells disgrace; and if a woman does this, the dream symbolizes the coquetry and thoughtless behavior. And if she draws and paints anything, this is a herald of treason or betrayal on a part of her lover.

But there are nice predictions, if you paint eggs for Easter; in reality you have a chance to receive very attractive offers, quickly climb the corporate ladder and outlive good events in life.

If you paint something with watercolors, this dream forebodes a long and peaceful life. And besides that, this dream can symbolize the implementation of all dreams.

If you mix several colors, in real life get ready for intrigues. And if such a dream is seen by a woman, in reality she risks being seduced.

If you paint another person in different colors, it indicates that you point out someone’s shortcomings very often.

If during the painting a few drops of paint got on your clothing, this dream may portend a variety of minor troubles associated primarily with the actions of other people.

And if you try to mask anything (inscription on the surface or an image) with the help of paint, this dream may indicate that you are trying to deceive someone or hide anything from others.

But if a person is using paint from spray cans, such a dream tells that this person will have to prove something to other people around.

Also do not forget, there are dreams that are not quite informative.