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Palace - Meaning of Dream

The human body is built in very unusual and interesting way. For the entire day something happens to us, and eventually we see it in our dreams. But many scientists argue that a dream is not just a result of the imagination, but a kind of prediction.

As a rule, palace is very deceptive and misleading image, especially if it is seen by young ladies.

If you wander through the palace and don’t find anything magnificent, it shows that your prospects are greatly enhanced, and you will be able to take on the new title.

To see beautiful women and handsome men dancing in a palace foretells that in upcoming future the dreamer will be present in a lucrative and very pleasant company.

For girls, to participate in such dances or entertainment bodes progress in society thanks to their successful marriage or help from relatives.

If you see a palace, walk in it and admire its splendor, it portends you better times in life and support and respect from friends and acquaintances, who will help you to understand that only they can help you in the difficult moments.

Also the dream means that you may receive a promotion at work. But do not worry that it happens not at once, you just need to wait a bit.

Palace in a dream has always symbolized the goal. Depending on how gorgeous it is, you can estimate the results.

Not a very good sign, if you come out of the palace that foreshadows obstacles on the way to achieving your goal.

For a young girl, who has a frugal lifestyle, to be in a palace on the dance ball in a dream, foreshadows the imminent prosperous marriage, by which she will take a high position in society.