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Panther - Meaning of Dream


Panther in dreams symbolizes strength, grace and cunning. This animal is seen in the dream not in vain, and if you dream that you saw a panther, beware, this image warns of imminent threat or unpleasant opponent that hides own intentions or actions under the mask of lies and hypocrisy.

Dreaming of a wounded or dead panther, promises the meeting with the enemy, which you can easily overcome in an honest confrontation.

Also, a panther in a dream can mean cancellation or breaking of different contracts and contacts, but this is the case, if only you are afraid a lot in your dream.

Killed panther in the dream will bring joy in reality; success and advancement at work, which your colleagues, friends and relatives will fell.

If a panther grins at you, it talks about not reliable partners or friends who are going to change their decision at the most inopportune moment and not to your advantage.

If panther is roaring at you, it means that most likely you will face losses in the form of large expenses or wastes of money; but if you were not afraid of it in the dream, then financial problems will not affect you anyhow.

If you see a panther with two heads, this image tells you, that you hesitate between something and do not know what to choose.

Usually such problems occur to people who take leadership positions or young people aged of 16-21 years.

If you pet a panther in a dream, it is marked as a good sign, probably soon you will receive good news that will shock you, but definitely please you.

If you see a black panther, it is a sign of major change in life, which you do not expect, but it will probably occur within a year and will be important and significant turning point for you. But white panther, on the contrary, predicts that your life will not change over the long term, so you shouldn’t wait for surprises of your destiny.

If you dreamed of a panther with cubs, it is a sure sign that you've been thinking about family, even if you deny this fact and assure everybody that you don’t want a family.

If you ride on this animal, it means to travel far; it may be a planned vacation or a forced unexpected business trip.

If you are bitten by a panther, in the near future you will feel healthy and will not be ill, even a runny nose or cough does not threaten you.

If you dream that the panther is scared and runs away, then in reality you will defend your own point of view, thereby achieve the desired. Such a dream means that the dreamer should show leadership and not be afraid to remain outnumbered.

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