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Pantry - Meaning of Dream

A pantry is a sign of misunderstanding which you face in communication with other people. If the pantry is filled with a lot of stuff, it forebodes that in reality you are going to make a major purchase. For women, this dream can predict advantageous and happy marriage. If the storage room is completely empty, it portends changes for the worse in reality.

If you found a mouse in the pantry, be ready for visit of old friends. The dream book says that it will be a meeting after a long separation.

If in spite of all your efforts you could not open the door of the pantry, then you may have financial problems. Certain circumstances will seriously threaten your well-being. If you dream that you live in the pantry, the dream indicates that material matters are more important for you in life than feelings.

In Miller’s dream book a pantry is interpreted as profits that you will get from your successful financial performance. Probably, you will achieve success by acting as a mediator in a commercial transaction.

If you found yourself in the pantry, which is locked from the outside, this dream shows that some serious problems brew in your family.

If you dream as if the lock in the pantry was broken and all the contents were stolen, this dream states that you may incur significant losses. It is possible that you will be forced to resort to borrowing money. If you dreamed that a pantry was destroyed, get ready for extremely adverse circumstances.

If you saw a pantry full of variety of supplies, this is an auspicious dream. It foreshadows a stable material well-being and a bright future for a dreamer.