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Paper - Meaning of Dream


A paper is a disputable image regarding it as sign from your dream. Still, it is possible to identify a pattern in its interpretations. Mostly, it concerns your business success or failures. Also, it refers to other people’s attitude to you and happiness in your private life.

Seeing a blank piece of paper may have several meanings.

It signifies that soon you’ll be offered a new job or an opportunity to take part in implementing some significant project. In any case, such an occasion must become a big break in your career. It is your chance to turn over a new leaf and show your paces. Don’t miss it. When this work will be in your hands, you cannot let anybody down, there is no way back.

Also, seeing a snow-white piece of paper in your dream implies that the people who surround you will favor you. There won’t be any unpleasant misunderstandings and conflicts. Such a warm atmosphere reflects that you behave in a proper way. Well done!

According to other sources, a blank piece of paper is an omen of misfortune. You can face many troubles and anxieties which will prevent you from achieving your goal. Moreover, it may warn you against being accused in some crime. You are doomed to spend a lot of money, efforts, nerves and time to prove your innocence. So, you must beware of suspicious affairs and people to save yourself.

A piece of paper in your dream can refer to your private life too. Seeing a white blank piece of paper means that your beloved is sincere. If you have doubts about this, cast them aside. There is nothing to worry about. Soon he/she will prove it.

If a piece of paper is written in a neat handwriting, you’ll get down to an advantageous project soon. Not to miss it, do not hasten to reject any offer. Firstly, think it thoroughly over and weigh all pros and cons. Maybe, it will be your lucky ticket in your hands.

An opposite meaning has a dream in which a piece of paper is written in illegible handwriting. It warns you against being involved in odd and risky affairs. Bear in mind that you may have to pay an exorbitant price for this later.

Seeing in your dream that a piece of paper is folded neatly stands for realization of your plans. But if there is the one crumpled up, it designates that your hopes won’t justify themselves; something or somebody can disappoint you. A torn piece of paper betokens a failure in some affair. If it got soaked or is partially burnt, you may suffer losses in the nearest future. Take into consideration that losses can be not only financial, but emotional and mental as well.