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Party - Meaning of Dream

A party in your dream shows how active you are as a member of society. It also features attitude of others to you.

If you are seeing a merry party in your dream, it suggests that you’ll easily overcome all the problems on your life way. It concerns not only your business success but also possible health difficulties, moral obstacles and private life. By the way, such a dream denotes that soon you’ll meet someone. This meeting will seem promising to you. Unfortunately, the end of these relationships will be quite sad. You are not fated to be together. Don’t be depressed about this. It’s better to start looking for your real lifelong sweetheart. On the contrary, seeing a boring party in your dream foretokens a fortunate acquaintance to which you won’t pay attention at first. The ways of God are inscrutable. Don’t miss you happiness.

Arranging a party is a favorable sign. It stands for success and happiness.

Being a guest at somebody’s party means that someone will give you a helping hand when you need it. Obviously, you’ll be confronted by some difficulties in the future. But you’ll cope with them at least with the help from outside. Don’t forget about this service and act in the same way when this person needs it. Show that you are thankful and appreciate such people.

Seeing unpleasant to you people at a party denotes that you have enemies in real life. Only you can find out the reason why they don’t like you and don’t approve of your actions. The most widely spread one is jealousy. In this case it is their problem, not yours. That’s why it is better for you to find a way to avoid their negative influence on you. You’ll kill two birds with one stone: you’ll irritate them and calm down yourself.

Attending a joyful party in a pleasant company of your true friends indicates that you’ll manage to finish an affair you’ve already begun successfully. There won’t be any pitfalls on your way, and nobody will throw sand in the wheels. Even so, you’ll overcome all of them.

If there are many drunk people at a party in your dream, it designates that you should take additional care of your health state. Even if you are feeling a slight malady, you’d better apply to a doctor and run medical examination. Maybe, there is something to worry about (God forbid). Precautionary measures are never too much. If you are healthy, you shouldn’t sit back and do nothing all the same. Strengthen your health. There are so many means to do it nowadays. Learn about them more and choose the one (or several) that is the most appropriate for you.

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