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Patrol - Meaning of Dream

To see patrol in a dream means that you need to be more cautious and avoid surprises.

To pour or cover something with patrol means that you have bad relation and communication with people around you.

To see patrol burning in a dream means that you will easily avoid danger. If you get burned in such a dream, it means that very soon you will fall in love.

To sell patrol in a dream indicates possibility of unhappy love in real life, which will dazzle you at the beginning.

If you feel the smell of patrol, it means that you might have troubles.

If you clean something with the help of patrol, most likely you will change your place of living.

If you fill your car with patrol, be very cautious and careful. The acquaintance with person you want may turn into unpleasant consequence.

To buy patrol in a dream means to miss a chance for desired profit from implementation of planned project.

To see like some liquid or gas flows over a patrol tank warns you about situation which will happen very soon and you will be helpless with it.

To see gasoline tank filled completely means that you will solve your troubles without obstacles, and will move forward with affairs and deals.

If you see a gas station in your dream, you will have an interesting entertainment soon. If you are an owner of a gas station, you will drink a lot in the nearest future.