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Patty-cake - Meaning of Dream

If you saw a patty-cake, you should remember the environment and circumstances of certain dream. So, if you saw many people in addition to patty-cakes, this dream tells that you may be involved in a major celebration (wedding, anniversary); if you feed an animal with a patty, it bodes that you will surely have a meeting with old friends.

If you treat other people with cutlets, it portends that you will receive good profit or sign lucrative contracts. If you eat cutlets alone, it indicates that you have problems in the family, but you will solve them very fast. Get ready for good changes; you can even become the initiator: invite your friends, make new acquaintances, or spend more time with close people.

The content of dreams, as a rule, is mysterious, it does not fully displays the pictures of events, and actions are chaotic. Therefore it is difficult to understand and remember what you saw in a dream. But it happens that dreams are remembered for a long time and in the smallest detail, these dreams are the subject to interpretation.

For example, if a man dreamed of patty-cake, he will soon find a good housewife, capable of creating comfort and warmth in the house.

For a woman, a patty-cake is the sign of attention from the opposite sex, and perhaps this man will become her soul mate. Also, such a dream may portend profit or good deals.

Therefore, there is no definite answer to the question about the meaning of patty-cake in a dream. It can only be stated that changes will be positive and pleasant. The lucky ones who saw this dream can wait for happiness in the near future, thus they should not relax. In general, a dream about patty will fill your life with bright colors and changes for the better.

The main thing is to remember that you can create your own happiness and dreams only impel us to move on the right path, on a subconscious level, showing defects or emphasizing success. It is important to remain optimistic and never give up.