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Paw - Meaning of Dream

Paw is a symbol of money and profit. Paw of an animal or a bird in a dream is a great sign of earnings and cash replenishments.

For a woman, if she does not clearly understand who owns the limb, this dream portends the appearance of a man in her life, who will give her a thousand compliments, bestow gifts or bathe her in his love.

A great dream is if the paws grab the dreamer or cover the body. This is a herald of upcoming wedding, because someone has noticed the features of good future wife. In this case, the marriage will be a happy, long and strong. But if the clutches released a dreamer, she should think over the offer; perhaps the girl herself is not ready for family life.

For a man the paw bodes obtaining huge profits. If he dreams of a paw grasping the hand and clothes, this is an omen of necessity to pay a bribe. He should open up new horizons in own business, offer new ideas at work and then the boss will definitely appreciate the efforts. He may also be promoted if he starts acting right after seeing the dream.

If you dreamed of a wounded paw with blood, it tells that your boss will give a full load of work, which will be undesirable. But if you execute it with joy and creative ideas, you will have upcoming fast promotion.

The dream about paws also portends a full recovery of a sleeper, or execution of all plans. The treatment should be continued, you should spend more time out in nature and breathe fresh air; at home put pine branches for odor. Let them stand and disinfect the air of germs, and you will gradually receive positive emotions.