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Pawnshop - Meaning of Dream

People’s dreams are very diverse, and at night you may travel to the most unusual places or see the most unexpected images. Among such images is a pawnshop that indicates disappointment with existing way of life and the desire to change it. A dream in which you see a pawnshop states that you regret for committed misdeeds, which will result in inner conflict and suppression by others’ opinion.

If you bond a stock in the pawnshop, this dream advises to find coherence in relationship with your beloved one. Your quarrels may be brief, but they expose your angry and emotional nature.

If you put in pledge your family jewels in a dream, it tells that you will lack the support from relatives in your endeavors.

If you take your stuff back from a pawnshop, this is a sign of recovery and revitalization. If you dream of complicated redemption, it is possible that your detractors will make you doubt own welfare.

Owning a pawnshop in a dream portends that you will make an important purchase in reality. For a girl, this dream foretells marriage with a wealthy man.

According to Miller, a pawnshop foretells loss or disappointment. This dream portends quarrels and unpleasant moments in the relationship with lovers.

If a girl walks inside the pawnshop in a dream, it tells that she will perform a reckless act in reality.

If you look at a pawnshop from outside, this is a harbinger of danger that the dreamer will be threatened because of negligence. Tarnished reputation will be the payment for participation in dubious enterprises.