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Peacock - Meaning of Dream

If you see a peacock in your dream, it has a positive and slightly negative meaning.

First of all, it is worth recalling that the peacock is proud and independent bird that sometimes looks at all down from the top. This bird symbolizes the arrogance of a person. Often, peacock is seen in the dream by people, who care about their appearance and social status.

Therefore, peacock in a dream can mean that it is time to think about yourself and your behavior in society. But sometimes the dream can be interpreted differently. In some countries, the peacock is compared with fire-bird, after seeing which, you will necessarily gain happiness, health, love, prosperity and money.

Based on this, if you see the peacock in a dream, it may indicate impending success, which should soon overtake you. Thus, after seeing this glorious bird in your dreams you can safely buy a lottery ticket or play cards with friends, the chances of winning increase.

What if you see the dream of a peacock with an opened tail? Most likely, your dream tells you that soon somebody will try to cheat on you, and you can expect such a dirty trick as from strangers and from loved ones. Best of all, in the coming days, to be aware and do not trust anybody.

But if in a dream to feed the peacock, it means that you will achieve reconciliation with the person, whom you had a fight once with, or you will find a common language with a stranger.

If you hear the screaming or singing of a peacock, it symbolizes that somebody will spread rumors about you. If you dream of a peacock in fire, it means that major changes are rushing into your life that can change it very seriously.

If you see dead, ill or injured peacock in the dream, it is a sign of soon meeting with distant relatives or friends who will bring great news.

When two peacocks appear in your dream, it means one thing, additions to your family or someone of your friends.

If you ride on a peacock in a dream, such dream could mean that soon your life can change dramatically, bringing you many surprises, gifts and intrigue.

Peacock is a symbol of eternal life, beauty, proud, sometimes even pride or vanity. That is because different people have different cultural traditions, and the same word can often have the opposite meaning.

If you dreamed of peacock, it means that you might be dealing with other people and may experience misunderstanding, quarrels, and squabbles.

If a woman sees that she has a farm with overseas peacock instead of the usual chickens, in this case, the dream means that she will be deceived in own expectations about the nobility, honor and dignity of a man. It is worth to carefully choose the circle of acquaintances, and not be overly trusting.

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