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Peanuts - Meaning of Dream

Peanuts in a dream mean that you evaluate and treat your private life quite superficially.

If you buy peanuts in the market, it is a sign that you need to go and check with a doctor. Perhaps you have some problems with teeth.

If you prepare peanut butter with someone, it means that this person will flatter. Try to notice it as fast as possible in order to avoid wasting time for useless conversations with untrue friend.

If you dream of peanuts, it means that you are not mature in sexual matters. If you eat it, you will have disorders in communication with the opposite sex.

If you eat peanuts, it means that in real life you want to receive gifts or material gain, and even go to a party. Ahead, you will have a lot of fun and prosperous period of life. This is sign of upcoming abundance, and if you see peanuts without the shell – you will soon meat your love.

For women, this dream is an omen of happiness in family life. If you eat peanuts after you just picked it up, it means that all your matters will be favorably shoveled. In this case, all you tormenting diseases and disturbing problems will disappear.

Harvesting of peanuts leads to prosperity, good shopping and profitable transactions in the near future.

If you feed or treat someone with peanuts, it's also a good sign, it promises true friendship and mutual prospects and opportunities to rely on the support of a partner in difficult times.

Completely different meaning has a dream where you see peanuts scattered on the ground, this is a sign of collapse in business, the general decline, as well as losses in the material sphere.

If peanuts are spoilt, it predicts marital discord, mutual misunderstanding between spouses, which turns into quarrels and insults. If you dream of rotten nuts, this is a sign of quarrels with your best friend, parents, and even betrayal of your loved one. In this case, because of you bad behavior you risk being an object of disapproval.