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Pear - Meaning of Dream


In old dream books it says, that if you dream of the rotten pear, it is a sign of betrayal, as well as attempts to prevent your deeds. However, these attempts will be unfruitful and will not bring any harm.

For unmarried people, to see pear on the tree, is a sign of upcoming matrimony.

In turn, the dream book of Freud says that pear, which is an embodiment of an attractive female figure, for men, is a sign of meeting with unusual and interesting female personality. And to eat pear fruit, for men, it suggests intimate relationship with desired and gentle girl.

For a woman, this dream carries positive information; familiarity with the man will lead to strong relations and possibly marriage.

Pears are quite tasty and juicy fruits. Therefore the dreams about it are also healthy and fun. The only exceptions are the dreams in which the fruits are spoiled.

Beautiful pear tree with juicy fruits indicates promising prospects in life.

If you pick up ripe pears in a dream, it means that you will encounter a variety of small surprises that will replace the small troubles.

If you eat a juicy pear, it means that you will have fun. Dried pears mark such love and friendship, which will not bring any satisfaction and reward, but only boredom in a relationship.

According to Esopian downers the attempt to pluck a pear from branches, indicates the haste in matters which hinders the implementation of plans.

If you see rotten pears, you must beware of treachery and deceit from your relatives.

If you buy pears, it means success; but unripe pears, mean dissatisfaction in the obtained results.

Pear in the dream is primarily a sign of emerging twists of fate. Miller in his interpretations indicated, that a pear in a dream, is a sign of a fragile health.

But if you admire fruits of pure gold on a luxurious tree, it means that your fate will be extremely pious and merciful. If you canned pears in the dream, it means that you have a philosophical view of the twists of fate.

According to the Assyrian dream book, if you eat a pear, in reality you will be hungry. Modern dream book answers the question, what pear means in more creative way. An elderly person or a patient who saw a pear in a dream, can expect facilitation of own mental state.

If someone presents you a pear, it means that in real life you will experience sadness, melancholy and deceitful attitude from close people. If you eat very beautiful and ripe pears, it means that you unreasonably expect to receive wealth.

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