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Peas - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of sweet-pea, it warns that you will get tired of a person whose love and attention you strived for a long. But separation with this person will be difficult and you will not be friends at all. Sweet pea is sign a pleasant, easy pastime, and fun entertainment.

For a man, cleaning peas in a dream promises acquaintance with bright-eyed, dark-haired woman who will assist in business and bring good luck. For women, the same dream foretells garrulous guest and empty talks with friends.

To cook pea soup reflects confusion in affairs as well as possible delay of an important meeting.

If you eat raw peas, it bodes small profit, and insignificant pleasures.

Boiled until cooked, peas mean upcoming fame, success, popularity and respect increase.

If you try to count peas, it foretells quarrels and squaring of accounts.

If you plant peas in a dream, it portends disagreements with neighbors, beware of small dirty tricks from them; also possible gossips and tears.

Dried peas mean fatigue, solution of a difficult task which requires rest after all, luckily you have money and time for this.

If you see peas blooming, this dream indicates that all the hopes and plans have a sound basis for performance and they will be materialized soon.

If you admire blooming peas, it promises success in love affairs or rapid marriage.

If you grow peas (weed, fertilize, irrigate), all upcoming undertakings will be lucky and you will be extremely satisfied with the results of your work.

However, if you dream of dry peas, it is worth to be attentive, there is probably unnoticed possibility to solve the problem in your favor. It could also mean that you pay little attention to own health; you have to be prudent.

If you see peas in the pod, it is a sign of upcoming joy, success or victory.

If you happened to see a dream with scattered peas, it foretells that you will be guilty in a quarrel with a loved one or a friend.

To open a can of peas tells about family disagreements and disputes.

Eating canned peas portends a small instability in affairs, possible decline in business, but in the end everything will be resolved successfully.

Pea seen in a dream is a symbol of money, foretelling success and prosperity in financial matters, as well as good health for many years. Prosperity and good luck will accompany you throughout.