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Pebble - Meaning of Dream

Small pebbles or gravel suggest that soon you might experience jealousy. The object of that feeling will be unknown and you will not find the way to keep calm for a long time. Naturally, over time, it will disappear and things will improve.

Pebbles represent minor troubles that a dreamer has to overcome. If you find pebbles or gravel in your food, it forebodes that you will be upset and disappointed with some of your close people. If you walk on the gravel, it also foretells disappointment. A dream, in which pebbles are smooth-rounded, suggests that the dreamer is able to overcome the difficulties of own life and is always ready to go forward, no matter what. But if pebbles are large enough, then it signifies that the dreamer can solve any difficulty.

The most truthful dream books are those that have survived from ancient times from our ancestors. Therefore you may find not only negative interpretation of pebbles. As a rule, the person who saw pebbles in a dream will have changes in personal life. You will meet a person, the communication and friendship with whom will bring only pleasant emotions and a lot of happy moments. For a woman, a dream in which she sees pebble, foretells attention from men. Overall, the pebbles in a dream can mean many things. For a man, it says that soon he will meet the girl of his dreams; she will be a friend, a mistress and a wife for him.

If you take it in your hands, it indicates that you need to show all of your abilities and skills in order to solve own problems.