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Pencil - Meaning of Dream

Pencil is a symbol of new deeds and creativity.

If you dreamed of a pencil, it is a sign that you are going to experience new achievements and discoveries. Pencil in a dream is usually, a symbol of your ability to create own destiny and happiness.

Pencil, for creative people, means that they will improve their work and will produce more artworks.

If you dream that you are drawing with a pencil, then this could be a sign that you have an artistic talent. In this case, you should try to draw in reality. This will bring you fame and fortune.

For women, pencil seen in the dream, is a sign of new discoveries. If this is a makeup pencil, the dream may indicate that it is time to pay attention to own appearance or go on a date. For a married woman, a cosmetic pencil, can means that her husband was unfaithful with her. In this case, she must tidy herself and talk with her husband.

If you dream of woman drawing, it means that in the near future she will do something that will change your fate, or it says that she has the talent of the artist.

If a man dreamed of a pencil, it means that a man has a good chance to do what he used to afraid of. This is a sign that this time his attempts will turn into a success.

Pencil for the man, it's a sign, which should give him a little push and confidence to act decisively.

If a man dreams of the cosmetic pencil, it means that soon he will meet an attractive woman.

Pencil in the dream marks correct choice of life. In this sphere of activity, which you now occupy, you will be at the peak of own heights and limits. A dream, in which you use a pencil for its intended purpose, portends spending evening pastime with the favorite entertainment.

If the girl is working in a dream with a perfectly sharpened pencil, it means that she will be able to make her wishes come true and will happily get married, provoking envy from her girlfriends in wedding day.

A dream in which you erase pencil marks from the sheet of paper, foretells anguish because of a breakup with the lover, who brought you disappointment.

If in the dream you were engaged in preparation of pencils to use, in reality you will be lucky and this situation will please/delight your loved ones. Dreaming of multicolored pencils is a sign of a pointless waste of time.

According to Freud, pencil held tightly in his hand indicates his confidence. If you shift the pencil from hand to hand, it means that it's time to reconsider own views and change priorities.

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