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Pendant - Meaning of Dream

If you received a pendant as a gift, this is a harbinger of upcoming family quarrels. Maybe it's time to bring clarity into the newly created disputes with a spouse or loved one; a dream is just a hint that the time has come.

If you bought a pendant but for some reason couldn’t hang it on a chain, this dream has quite unambiguous interpretation. It portends cheating of a loved one that will leave a very deep mark in your soul and this wound will bother you for a long period of time. The closer the person is, the more unpleasant moments the situation will bring.

A pendant as a present tells that you will be faithful and the life with you will be almost perfect. Therefore, after seeing this dream you shouldn’t have any doubts about your current relationship.

But if you lost a pendant in a dream, it tells that you will find a congenial person in reality. Usually the loss of something in a dream is interpreted as a loss in real life, but in this case the interpretation is quite the opposite. Generally pendant in a dream reflects family or intimate relationship, but it is worth considering all the features of the dream to give a precise interpretation.

If you found a pendant, the dream bodes a constant lover, the relationship with whom will last quite a long period of time.

Many dream books agree on one meaning, a pendant is a symbol of close relationship and family.

If you dream of a pendant of the usual shape, it forebodes the unexpected gift from a loved one in real life. But if your beloved man hangs a pendant on a chain around the neck, you should get ready for a serious conversation that would shed light on some not very good moments, but it will set the record straight.

In each case, for each individual the interpretation can be quite different, so do not despair if you read something which you didn’t expect; positive should be seen in all situations.